Sunday, April 24, 2011


We celebrated Easter a day early this year so we could also have a birthday party for my daddy.

There were tons o' sweets: peeps, jelly beans, birthday cake, cookies, and homemade Cadbury-esque creme eggs (which I didnt take a picture of, because, while they were super delicious, they were not very beautiful).

We dyed eggs and had quite a few egg hunts, with many egg casualties (there are little bits of eggshell scattered around the new carpet).

We juggled babies.

Good times were had.

Real Easter morning:

My flash was too bright for 6:30 am.

Scones with gobs of lemon curd for breakfast.

The Easter Bunny brought Lennon a new notepad and some tubes of glitter glue.

Lemon spread out the Easter grass so she could use her new rake and shovel.

And now she's playing outside playing with her new jump rope and trying to run of the chocolate-bunny-hypies.