Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lennon Loves the Baby

Since we moved back to Petaluma our computer has been in a non-child-friendly room, so I haven't had many chances to use it for long enough to upload videos or many pictures. We just moved the computer into the room where we spend most of our time, so hopefully I'll get into the habit of posting regularly.

Lennon is wonderful! She has started trying to repeat everything we say and is still learning new signs. Her favorite word right now is "please" (which sounds more like "peash"), because she knows that's how to get whatever she wants. Every time we see a little kid she gets super excited and yells "BABY!", then she tries to hug and kiss the kid.

Whenever I take out the video camera Lennon runs toward me and grabs the screen so she can see herself in it. In this video I flipped the screen around so she could see "the baby" in it while I was taping her. This was a couple of months ago so she wasn't talking as much as she is now, but you can see her sign: mom, sleep, all done, baby, and please.


g.m said...

once again, a brilliant video! so telling of ms. l's skills.
so cute that I simply can't stands it!

Jessamyn Harris said...

I love the baby too! that grin is just amazing... what a girl!

Jill said...

Too cute! Shane totally bypassed signing "Mom", but will finally say it out loud! We need to come over and watch the other Signing Time videos with you two :D

Oh, and I'm very excited to see you blogging again! We don't get to see Lennon's cute face enough!


Lauren said...

cute cute cute!!