Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Faux Spring

It's January and it's beautiful outside! After a little trip to Trader Joe's this morning (our store of choice when Ian isn't joining us because they have little shopping carts for Lennon to push around and stay busy) we ventured outside into the freshly mowed backyard.

I've been wanting to put a planter box in front of her playhouse for a while now and today seemed like a good day to do it, even though it will probably be too cold for the poppies we planted to sprout.

She took a short break from watering the seeds to do a little dance atop her wash tub.

Hazel slept through the entire process, including when I was wearing her while shoveling soil and turning the compost.

Lennon thought the nail guns were too loud.

After she watered her seeds she wasn't done playing with water, so she flipped the tub over and walked back and forth, back and forth, filling her watering can and pouring it out into the tub. It turns out she was planning on washing the dogs in it. She ran to the house and yelled through the doggy door for them to come out. When they did come out she tried to convince them to jump into the water. They were not interested.

Our doggies are still stinky, but maybe if we're lucky we'll have some flowers growing soon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Another Fun and Lazy Day at Home

Tomorrow Hazel will be one month old. We're slowly trying to get back to normal, which, for Lennon and me, means playing together all morning long. Today we painted, drank hot chocolate with tons of whipped cream that we spooned off of the top then re-squirted, read some stories while I fed the baby, trimmed our bangs, giggled in the shower.

Our typical day has no dates or appointments, so just as long as we have lunch/nap and bedtime on schedule, we get to take our sweet time in everything we do.


Lennon and I love the zoo. Not just because we love to watch the animals, but also because at the zoo Lennon can RUN. She goes from exhibit to exhibit, stopping just long enough for me to catch up with her and do a little bit of viewing myself. We have annual passes for the second year in a row so we go pretty often. It's the place I head to when we just need to get outside for a day.

Yesterday was Hazel's first visit. Lennon and I packed up our bento boxes and found her zoo key, then the three of us headed to the city.

We met my parents there.

And Auntie L with "Baby Cousin".

And Uncle D, who is the fastest red wagon driver ever.

It was a beautiful day in the city: sunny, but cool enough for a sweater (and no wind!). As always, we saw some animals, got some exercise, and had tons of fun.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Girls

Ian and I make beautiful children.

(please remember that these photos are for viewing purposes only. thanks!)