Friday, June 17, 2011

Spring Time

Clean diapers drying in the sunshine makes me happy, even though it's so much more convenient to just toss them in the dryer. White cotton hanging on the line means it's a beautiful day outside.

Hazel is 6 months old today. Yesterday I took her to the Children's Hospital in Oakland, because at her last visit to the pediatrician her platelet levels were off (I was told they were low, but the specialist we saw yesterday was told they were high). They took another blood sample and everything looks just right. No leukemia! With Down syndrome there is a higher risk of childhood leukemia, we will continue to have her blood checked every 3 months and go to the hematology/oncology clinic every 6 months.

She sucks her thumb a lot, sometimes with her little hand flat against her cute face. Our little chunker is already 17 lbs!

I made Lennon a little felted ladybug. She plays with it when she reads The Grouchy Ladybug.

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Jessamyn Harris said...

love the ladybug. love the girls! love the fat face and hand. HW looks like LB in that first photo. mmm love the springtime!