Thursday, November 15, 2007

Occupation: mommy

I quit my job! Now I get to hang out with Lennon all day, every day. I couldn't be happier. She's almost starting to make a daily routine for us, which will be nice.
We're both getting over colds, so in addition to the drool she also has a runny nose. She has some kind of liquid coming out of every possible body cavity.
Hand are now a really big deal. Looking at them, grabbing them, putting them in her mouth, and, the cutest, thumb sucking.
Tummy time is still a bit of an issue. But now she can go a few minutes with out crying and even lift her head up at a 90 degrees angle! We try every day.
Overall we're having a great time!


justducky said...

even chubbier cheeks, didn't know it was possible!

Congratulations on the fulltime mommying!

Lauren said...

Lucky you, getting to spend all day with that cute little girl! Just make sure to keep a towel by your side at all times for all that dripping and drooling....

Jessica said...

Thats funny Lola hates tummy time too. She gets really upset and puts her face down. Lennon is getting cuter by the day.