Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I Haven't Posted in Such a Long Time

click here: Ask Dr. Sears, then read #10 (she's the cuddly type) and #11. This girl keeps me busy.

Coming soon: more videos! Just as soon as Lennon gives me a couple hours to figure out our new video camera.

ps-Lennon has conquered tummy time and seems to be eager to crawl! Anyone want to make a donation to the Roomba fund?


Anonymous said...

I, for one - can appreciate your cuddly baby - for she is so good at one-to-one relationships. The girl is really focused - especially for a 6 month old!

As for Roomba - is there a SuperPower version? In my humble, a small section of one of your rooms might clog the thing and jam up the works straightaway!

Better to solicit funds to hire out from Merry Maids for a weekly onceover...?

Have fun - and keep on lovin' up that baby girl just the way that you are. She is absolutely thriving on your wonderful attention and super caregiving.


Jill said...

Look at that messy little face! So cute! I hear you on the Roomba too! My girlfriend has one and she loves it! Even cleans up good after her two large dogs. I just can't bring myself to spend the money though...